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14b Exhaust Housing

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I recently bought a 14b turbo from a friend who had it on his eclipse and I got a really good deal on it. However, inside of the exhaust hou sing around the wastegate flaper area there are few cracks, but there are no cracks on the outside.
The part that connects to the manifold has also some cracks on the inside walls, but once again, nothing on the outside.
The turbo has no shaft-play or any traces of oil inside. It worked perfectly in his 2g until he replaced it by a big16g.
Should I get the exhaust manifold replaced or just leave it as is?

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Just wels the cracks. Make to clean it good fitst though. You can even port out the wg hole in the process and throw in a bigger flapper for better boost controle.
Sorry to post in here, but I didn't want to start a new thread. I'm in the same situation except mine is cracked through.
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If the cracks don't inhibit the sealing of the wg and don't pass through they aren't detrimental ot performance. They will only get worse though so it is up too you if you want to change things now or later. Depends on how long you plan on using the turbo I guess.
i guess i'll use it for a while till i find another one, or another housing...

thx for the info
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