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Hey All! I just picked up a 1972 Mitsu Galant. Ok it's a Dodge Colt BUT let's be real - it's a Mitsu! Found it in a small garage where it's been sitting since 1983 according to the tags on the plate. The grandkids who inherited the house have me clearing it out in prep for a full remodel/sale and when I opened up the small garage there it was calling to me! I wanted it and they wanted it gone so it was a perfect match. Always wanted one just couldn't ever find one. I love restoring 70's imports - currently working on a 75 Opel Manta I found in a similar situation and have owned lots of hard to find imports like Mazda Rx2 & Rx3, 510's, Corolla and Celica's, etc. Never had an old school Mitsu so I'm super stoked - even though it's a sedan and not a coupe.

I'm not sure if this is the right forum or if there is a "1st Gen Mitsu" specific site. I asked a buddy of mine and he told me to come here and post as it's the only site he knew of for Mitsu guys.

The OG engine is locked up - a 4G32. I guess what I need to know is what later model engines will swap over and bolt in? Can I bolt up any of the FWD Mitsu motors like a 4G63T to my RWD Galant? Bellhousing patterns the same? I want to do a custom EFI using a MegaSquirt setup as I've very familiar with it from all my other swaps and restorations. Any guidance/advice on swaps OR a forum more specific/dedicated to these 1st gens would be greatly appreciated!

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