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1990 eagle talon awd-black outside red inside

NO TRADES!!!!!!!
NO PART OUT!!!!!!!!

Car is in martinsburg wv.

The interior is finished the interior shots are a few months old.

The car is a 90 awd eagle talon with 103k miles on it.
Its a manual transmission with NO grinds. Was recently serviced by the last owner before it sat.

The car is completely finished however it needs a starter. It cranks sometimes and sometimes it does not. Sometimes the starter grinds the flywheel but sometimes it does not. it has a mind of its own sometimes.

You can email me or call me 240-329-1165 to set up a time if you wanna look at the car...

I bought this car in the summer of 07 (August to be exact). I have been slowly working on getting it done, it has no been 10 months and a few thousand dollars latter and yet it is not done.

Reason i need it gone unfortunately... or else id keep it.

I love dsm's but its time that i part ways, i need to get my life financially under control. I need to move. I just dont have the time to have a sports car in my life. I dont have the time that i wish to finish it maybe under better circumstances but it must go.

Specs on this car:
Very nice paint only faded spot is the front bumper and roof.

-This car is black with a silver bottom.
-red interior.
-5 spd
-almost no rust, has very minor suface rust under the rear only. rest is clean.
-All the original body panel and all vins # match.
-Low miles 103k to be exact
-6 bolt motor, 3 bolt end with lsd
-rebuilt 6 bolt motor with less than 6000 miles on it(stock rebuild)
-tranny has no grinds
-rebuilt 14b with no miles
-new fidanza flywheel with new clutch (NOT EVEN BROKEN IN YET)
-ARP head bolts and new headgaskit.
- Complete all timing parts replaced.
-front mount intercooler with all piping, all new couplers and pipes with no miles on it
-crushed 1g bov ran with 25 psi still ran great.
-metal oil feedline
-newer radiator
-Walboro 255 fuel pump with complete re-wire.
-new viscous in the tranny
-new tires with only 6k on tires
-FPR from areomotive complete kit
-stock exhaust with cat delete and can welded on to it
-2.5 turbo back exhaust with cat, just needs the muffler welded on which i have.
-car has no ac and power steering but i have most of the stuff to put it in.
-every single dsm part or thing comes with car
- car has emissions removed
-ac stuff will be included with car
-the front lights are blacked out but i have stockers to replace them.
-intake mani, throttle body, bov. thremostat, etc has new gaskits on it never used.
-3in turbo throttle body elbow
-Car has a new awd gas tank with no rust and no broken bolts.

Stuff you need to know:

-I have every recept from the time i bought the car and all the parts that went into it, till now.

-Sorry i dont have a recept for the motor never got it when the owner mailed me the recepts for the other stuff that i bought with the motor.

These are the things that need finished:
Starter problem needs fixed.
The clutch needs broken in since its new.
Paint on the roof could use some love.


You can email me or call me 240-329-1165 to set up a time if you wanna look at the car...

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You never stated a price.
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