$6,500 or best Cash Offer
All original Stock 4G63T 2.0L engine, two-tone black and silver paint, tan interior with 169K original miles
This is an all-original vehicle driven by my wife that has been garage kept its entire life. So, it is virtually rust free, (you may find some light surface rust on undercarriage and exhaust but absolutely nothing structural). It has never been modified, or raced. It is currently not running. It had a coolant leak up under the exhaust manifold on drivers’ side and I just parked it and through a car cover over it. I am not sure exactly where the leak is. As life was happening, (family and kids), years went by and I just never found the time to tear down to investigate.
Causes: It has a couple of broken studs on exhaust manifold (common issue easy to replace), or it could be from the metal coolant tube that runs under the exhaust manifold where rubber hoses connect again, I have just have not had time to investigate.
I would start the vehicle up weekly but in 2018 the ECU failed (would make the fuel valves click or chatter) on start up. (The electrolytic capacitors finally when). I sent the ECU out and had that newly refurbished, but have not had time to reinstall it. (P.S. it is not a “Chippable” model).
Every Year I would drain the gas tank and refill with fresh gas and stabile fuel additive. I looked down the fill neck with my inspection camera this spring and the tank internally is not rusted. It has developed an oil leak at the pan or rear crank case seal, but I am sure that is from just sitting. I had hopes of finally repairing it for my wife to drive again this year but received a new job assignment where I traveled almost ever week making this impossible.
Now I will be moving for my employment and we have come to the realization That I will never have the time to get her back on the road so we come to the decision to sell this to someone who does have the time to bring it back to its full glory. This listing is only for a limited time so if interested you need to respond quickly. Thank you.