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Hi everyone...
Just bought a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS (Hatchback) off a lady at my
work for $500. It has 111,000 miles on it. Seems to run fine ...needs
breaks....runs a little loud (normal?) .....Just wondering if anyone has any
insights/tips for this car? Any predictions on how long this car might last
me !?
Thanks !!!!

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1. Do all the normal tune-up stuff, change ALL the fluids (use synthetics,) check compression, go over the car top to bottom mechanically.Everything!
2. Then visit some DSM websites: club DSM, Buschur, Extreme, RRE, just to name a few.
3. Carefully, plan all of your mods if you're interested in MORE SPEED.
4. Pay attention to ALL of the forums here and you will learn what you need to know.
5. Ask questions here frequently. Somebody here knows the answer and will be more than happy to offer their experience.
live, learn, love, bleed DSM
You've made a wise investment! Good luck!

Rocky Mountain
'91 Talon Tsi AWD
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