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1992 Laser AWD 5 spd...many mods...serious buyers only

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Sadly it's about time for me to part with my car. The car is extremely nice, and is a very rare find in general. The ONLY reason I am parting with this car, is because I would like to move on to a newer domestic RWD platform. I have owned DSM's for 7 years...and have had my fill. Yes, this is a 1g...i know it's a 1g...do not reply about the price because you thing all 1gs cost 2k :rolleyes:

That being said... the pictures can talk first. You will be HARD pressed to find a cleaner, better looking Laser.

Here's the skinny..

1992 Plymouth Laser AWD 5 spd hardtop

Artic White w/ Charcol trim
Dark Grey Interior w/ cloth seats
150k miles


New Big16g Evo III turbo ported inlet/outlet w/ 34mm flapper
Ported EvoIII exhaust manifold
Ported EvoIII 02 housing
Buschur Racing FMIC kit with polished short route piping/ cast end caps on IC
2g throttle body elbow
Custom metal intake to turbo w/ K&N Filter
EGR delete
A/C delete
Summit vented catch-can
TurboXS manual boost controller @ 20 psi
Crushed 1st gen BOV (atmosphere dump w/vpc)


HKS 4 knob VPC w/ 550 chip
RC 550cc fuel injectors
Walboro 255 fuel pump on a hardwire w/ relay
Buschur Racing adjustable fuel pressure w/ gauge

Apexi N1 full 3” exhaust (no cat)

Switzer Performance built tranny w/:
GVR4 1st gear
Dual cone synchro 1st - 4th
Taller 5th gear
Evo shift forks
Stainless rails
Brass end links
(stock style center diff - setup for auto X)
Stainless braided clutch line w/ new slave with billet insert
ACT 2600 Clutch w/ Xtreme pressure plate
Nachi throw out bearing
Freshly Rebuilt Transfer case

KYB Gr2 Performance struts all around
Eibach Sportline Springs
Matrix Polished strut tower bar

Wheels/ Tires-
17” Fittipaldi Avus rims
2 215/45/17new Yokohama ES 100 Tires up front
2 215/45/17 Wanli S-1009 in rear (comes with spare wanli)

Gauges/ Trim-

Dual pillar pod
Autometer Sport comp 30-30 Boost gauge (black)
Autometer Sport comp A/F gauge (black)
2g short shifter knob

Mobile Electronics-
Pioneer CD player 35x4w (slightly older deck, works great)
Sony x-plod 6.5” in doors
Kenwood 3 way 6x9 in rear
Jensen 200w 2 channel amp
1 Polk DX series 12” subwoofer in custom box (just enough to sound good)

New Parts I have installed within the year-
New brake disks
High performance semi metallic brake pads
Drivers side CV axle
Passenger side CV axle
New radiator w/ large SPAL slim fan and a 9” Derale slim fan (both hardwired)
New Bosch 02 sensor
New knock sensor
New Coolant temp sensor
New thermostat
New Waterpump
New timing belt , balance belt and tensioner as of 7/05
New Starter
New fuel filter
New rear wheel bearings/ both sides
Polished fuel rail (looks cooler :p )
New non cracked valve cover painted laser red/ brushed lettering :p
New coil packs
New Bosch 7mm sparkplug wires
New NGK Bpr6es plugs @ .025
All fluids replaced LSD additive added to rear
All Valvoline 80-90 in all boxes

Probably forgetting stuff, but that’s the majority of it.

Looking for a rediculously well maintained 6/4 combo? This is your car.

The car has gone 13.1 @104 with no tuning

will be getting tuned on a wideband tommorow....so expect that to drop

With good tuning this is an EASY mid/low 12 sec car!

Do not expect a realiability plauged car......this thing is EXTREMELY DEPENDABLE

Car gets around 30mpg on a trip if your easy on the pedal. I simply have found that maybe AWD isnt quite for me...I love the launches and the surefooted handling...but I miss driving RWD.

I am asking $8000 obo....and dont expect too much flex in the price. I am not in any great hurry to be rid of this vehicle. Over 10k has been invested.

I can be reached at:
[email protected]
or a PM or reply here
AIM @ HankyRS

The car is located in Northeast OH (my current residence)
Arrangments can be made if needed.

Thanks for looking...more pics up in a minute! :)2
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no hackjobs here...

bumper support modified and IN PLACE

-parting shot-

Will not dissapoint....interior pics up soon...never really took any :p
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Looks like the cleanest dsm ive ever seen on here.Good luck!!!!
wow... that is probably one of the nicest DSM's i have seen!!!!

it makes my pants tight... :)
bump it up
If I am not mistakin I know this guy and the car.... This car is amazing clean in person, great sound and looks. He stopped by my work at Sherwin-Williams and bullshitted with me. He def knows his stuff. Now only if I could have gotten his brother to buy my car... His car is worth more than what he is askin so if you got the money and want an amazing ride take it. Good Luck bud
Hey man,
Thanks for the compliements! You still rockin the blue beast? Heh, both my brother and I are jumping ship from Mistu for a lil...its v8 time :D

bump and OPEN TO OFFERS!!!!! Money talks!!
that has got to be the best looking laser i've ever seen.

good luck with the mullet mobiles :)
Looks like the only thing missing is a built block. PM me with your current asking price and progress of the car. I am in Michigan and of course am interested in the car.

$6500 FIRM
Part it out, I'll take the trans. :D

Bump for another sweet Laser.
The interior is real nice, I have some pics, but i took them at night for a kid who wanted to see it and it was like 1am when he asked lol.

I'll take some first thing tommorow and put them up. It's the real dark grey interior (refered to as the 'black' interior). Cloth seats....etc.

Thanks for the compliement, but I'd like to try not to part it, I think it'll be too much hassle, and I have a VERY sour taste in my mouth for internet selling. (get screwed out of $350).....Honest to god, if you wanted something I was selling you could send me $1000 cash before i even sent it out, and you would have no worries as I try to be as honest as they come, and am totally against screwing people over. You would sleep well at night as you would be provided with a shipment # as SOON as I got the money. I'm really at the point where I will drive over an hour to buy a part just so I can pay in person and get what i paid for. I drove 3+ hr for a motor for my bro's 3kgt :O

Anyways, rambling aside; I'd rather not part it, but I do have all the stock stuff that I will be selling seperately. I literally have enough to put another dsm together lol.
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only blemish is the dash is trying to lift a little in the corner (like all 1gs)...and will be remedied before purchase
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hi, i'm new here...just thought i'd add to the compliments-
def one of the cleanest lasers i've seen. in fact, wish it were mine ;)
good luck!
thanks! Oh and dont mind the snow in the corner of the floor :)

(just incase any of you were wondering :p )
if you dont have any luck with it I'll be looking to buy pretty much what you are selling in may when i get out of school... just a thought :-D
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