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Hi all,
I have been slowly restoring my 1992 Plymouth Laser. Right now, I have some engine mounts that need to be replaced and at least rear struts. Finding OEM parts is difficult and I would rather upgrade as I go. I have been told that I should get coil-over adjustable but then I have read to go KYB AGX. What are your thoughts on this? Then with the engine mounts, I am not sure which of the aftermarket brands actually line up. I read a previous article on here where someone suggested using Polyurethane and placing it in the old mounts, but there were never any follow-up posts saying how that worked. My little baby here is the base 1.8L, I got it for my 16th and have had it ever since. If The engine or transmission ever goes I may try to find a standard 2.0T. For now, though, I am just trying to keep it going.
Thank you,
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