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As promised, here is the pics and tips :

1) take off your trunk panel. The rear center is held on by clips. Pull the bottom out first. Then pop the rest of the clips buy pullint straight up. Next, remove all the screws holding the 2 side panels. They are all visible. There is only one clip on each, pull straight out toward center of trunk. Left hand side piece has the plug to the trunk light needs to be undone.

2) Remove center Talon piece by removing nuts from inside. All visible. Next, remove both tail lights the same way. take it easy not to break the achor bolts free from the lights and center piece. Dont forget to remove all plugs.

3) review the pics... there are 2 places inside ON EACH SIDE to undo fasteners... review the trunk pic to see them. Undo those.

4) rear wheels come off. Remove all push fasteners (3 per side) from splash guard. Then the 2 screws at the top. Remove splash guards.

5) review the pics to take all visible bolts off the back end outside the car. They were hidden under the tail lights (3 each) and the center peice (4).

6) Now you are left with the 3 sneaky push tabs. Review the pics of the inside of the facia. The bottom 2 can be cut from underneath with wire cutters and a little swearing :) . The top one i simply drilled out... GENTLY bend the top of the facia backard a bit.... it will give cause all the other fasteners are out... get a long drill bit and drill out the center of the tab. You can try to salvage it, but i just reassemble without it.

7) Re- install in exact reverse order, be sure to loose install for fitment and then tighten up as you allign all your fitments.




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