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1998 Eagle Talon TSI - P1105 code

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Hey folks, just picked up a 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD with 70,000km. Looks to be in nice shape aside from some clear coat peeling on the hood. It has been sitting in a garage for the last 10 years.

It is throwing a CEL and when I plugged in my scanner (Bluedriver Bluetooth OBD2) it shows a P1105 - sensor 1 bank 2 shorted to B+. A quick google deciphered that to likely the oxygen sensor after the cat. When I popped into the DSM forums, most discussion has the P1105 listed as "fuel pressure solenoid malfunction (turbo)".

Are there potentially multiple P1105 codes that can be thrown, or is my scanner just using a generic description for the P1105, despite claiming support for this exact vehicle?

The car starts and runs nice, although it doesn't like to idle until it warms up. I'm about to road trip it around 4000km across Canada to get it back home (flew out to pick up the car last night) and neither of these interpretations for the code seem to be critical before this drive, but would like to narrow down the source to put my mind at ease.

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Thanks. I've ordered this solenoid from 2 places just to make sure it shows up. Seems like a hard beast to track down.

On the plus side, drove the car just over 4000km in about 3 and a half days without any drama, especially considering that it has been sitting for almost 12 years in a garage. AC and cruise control weren't working but that didn't slow me down much. Car drove pretty nice, keeping it around 135km/h (around 80mph) for a big part of the drive. Did notice that there was a small stumble between 3100 and 3500 RPM which got a little worse once the car was warm. It had new iridium style plugs in it before the drive, but they weren't gapped. Going to replace them with the recommended copper ones gapped to 28 and put new plug wires on it. Likely time to see if there is any vacuum lines which are leaking.
if i remember correctly, the fuel pressure solenoid is really just to help with hot starts. So when your engine is hot it will richen up a/f mixture.
NGK IX iridiums are good. The main difference between them and regular plugs is: regular plugs will have a high rate of spark erosion (even more so on a wasted spark ignition). iridiums have hardly any erosion, thats why they last so long.
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