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99 3000GT SL (V-6)
Photos in the link:

I think all of this right but let me know if I screwed up this post.
To start I believe it needs a new motor. I wanted to keep it for myself but can't afford to fix it.
I think the link to the pics will work but if not let me know. Everything’s original with a clear title in my name. No cracks in seats or broken anything inside. Tires are good and have about ½ of the tread left with nice chrome wheels. Outside is straight and only has cracked windshield and broken antenna. Everything works except it needs a NEW MOTOR. My son ran it out of oil. It runs well enough to drive it onto a trailer or something but it has internal problems. It sounds like it is in the top of the engine but I've never done internal surgery on an engine. There is video of how the engine sounds if u want to hear it.

I think you can get a decent jdm motor on ebay for $2-3k or so. I don’t know what it would cost to have it installed.

If there are no offers it’s going to be scrapped. I can't part it out in my driveway. If someone wanted to part it out you could probably clear at least $1k. I would like to fix it but I have 2 kids in college so I can't afford it.

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