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1G 2.0L Cat-Back Exhaust N/T

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ok i can only find turbo catback exhaust systems...the only n/t system i can find is the POS pacesetter...so i was thinking high flow cat, and a Skunk2 high flow muffler, and headers with stock piping.....does this sound ok for a great sounding exhaust with a little HP boost?
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as long as you have a resonator it'll sound good with that combo.You want a low-tone muffler,get a powertech,their from dynamic auto designs,good stuff those mufflers.very low tone,not ricey at all.If you add a header,it'll sound better.
this is probly a stupid question, but where can i find a resinator for this?
those POS pacesetter setups arent bad really, you arent going to be throwing any turbo boost at it and i doubt youll be racing it so as far them cracking and breaking i really wouldnt worry about it, ive had mine for a year and theyre still fine, just remember to get better gaskets and theres a nasty ricey sound at 3500rpm but other then that they are fine and much cheaper, i bought mine from summit for like 300 for the header,downpipe,hi flo cat,monza catback and if you install it yourself youll save alot in labor.
thats just my 2 cents

what part of washington do you reside?!
When I was running non-turbo I ran a pacesetter header, hollowed out cat, and pacesetter catback. I wanted a little more sound out of the system so I replaced the muffler with a straight through design but kept the piping. System ran real well with no problems at all. I kept most of it when I turboed it because it was all 2.75 mandel bent piping. I still have the header at home. Its been port matched to the head and repainted. PM me or something if your interested.
I still have the same muffler on mine but i really do need to find a better muffler for it, what kind do you use,i have searched here and there a bit and cannot find a recommendation of any kind from an N/A aspect.

Im going for a deep grumble without any tin can sounds.
I have a Dynomax straight through, can't remember if it is a Superturbo or Ultraflow though. Sounded pretty good with the Archer Header and 2.5" cat on 2.5" press bent piping.
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