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1g clutch

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Hello Hello. My motor in my car is shot (tbelt) and i am getting a new rebuilt one. Since the engine will be out i figure why not change out the clutch. But now here is my question, this car will be a DD only with the only mods being intake/exhaust and 12 psi boost. Will a new stocker hold up or not? If the stocker cannot hold i will be going with an Act 2100. With the Act 2100 do you need the extension rod? And is there anything else i should do clutch wise? Thanks alot.
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Your stock one should be find with those mods and only 12 psi. If you think that anytime later that you wante more out of it, upgrade now. Not worth paying another 400 dollars in labor or even the time if your going to do it yourself.
well while you have your engine out its the perfect time to upgrade so i would say yes
I know this is a perfect chance to upgrade but this car will solely be a DD. If i plan to get crazier with the mods I will purchase an AWD, but until than i will stick with this one. Sooo all in all a new stocker should hold up that amount of power?
I would gowith the ACT 2100 just incase your stock clutch would go out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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