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1G damn headlights

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I just bought a 91 Eclipse GSX and I'm having some major issues taking the head lights off. All I want to do is clean them and take out the yellow corners, but I have no idea what screws to unscrew in which order :( Also, almost all my screws in that area are rusted to hell, should I get some new ones?
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I think you should do that if there is a lot of rust on it.
yes definitely get some new screws.....as far as dissasembly goes.....unscrew the screws on top of the blinkers next the pop assemblies.....next pull out the blinker assembly.....the turn signal piece should follow as you pull out the inside piece, just make sure to disconnect you signal bulb.
Alright, well I got the two four screws off the center light, and the four off the two side/center ones, but my main problem is that there are two screws holding the two very side lights on, and those are rusted to hell. So rusted, that the screw has deteriated and theres no place to lock the screw driver on with... any ideas for getting this shit off my car so I can get some non-rusted hardware on there? Thanks for the help.
grind the heads off, then pull the lights and using pliers, turn the screws out
I was just out there and it seems like something is keeping the center lights stuck in there and the screws for the two side lights still wont come out. Dman.. well if anyone can give me a IM on either AIM - TehKeywork or msn - [email protected], that would be freakin awesome. I really need some help on this.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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