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1g engine help!!!!!!

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i just recently purchased a 1992 talon awd tsi with engine damage. i removed pretty much everything to remove the damaged pistons. my question is what is the standard bore/piston size of this motor? i mic'd the lower skirt of the pistons and i recieved a measurement of 3.3688-3.3694". i dont trust the haynes manual i purchased for this kind of info. any help would be appreciated as i dont know what piston size to order.
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did some searching online and found out that the standard piston diameter is 3.346". ooops! i made a small mistake measuring my pistons. i re-measured them correctly and got a 3.3434" measurement. looks like i will be purchasing a standard piston set. thanks all.
You should measure the bore and not the piston, but I would seriously look at the cylinder walls before just slapping new pistons/rings into an old motor.
measured the bore and its good. there is no ridge on the top of the cylinder.
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