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1G Euros or Altezzas or Projectors??????

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Does anyone know if anyone even makes aftermarket tailights or headlights for a 1g talon???? thanks :confused:
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the eclipse ones will fit,but the center piece is diferrent.IMHO,The only altezass that look good on a 1g are the ones with a carbon fiber background.The 1gb talon is the nicest one out of all the 1g's,and the 1gb is very similar to the euro tail's.Just curious on why you would wanna change anything.
i just wanna make a 1g i have a 94 talon es...look great and perform at the same level....any ideas? also where can i find those lights?
www.procarparts.com has what you need man, i'd have to agree the carbon fiber tails are the best looking altezza's i've seen
sweet thanks man
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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