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1g fwd transmission for sale

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I have 2 fwd turbo tranny 1g tranny for sale 200 each+ shipping and container cost if shipped
1 fwd non turbo tranny 150+ shipping and container. Actual cost on all this.
All trannies are in good shape, come out of cars that had 130,00 on all them, and all the cars were stock. Trannies shift through gears fine and thats all i know about them. They come as is and no warranty
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i have one non turbo flywheel out of the car, i do have the other 2 turbo flywheels but i dont have them out of the car yet.I can have them pulled in just a day or two. All flywheels are 6 bolts

What do you mean by flex plate?
the plate that goes between the tanny and engine...
i have those still, make a offer on those
$40 shipped for the flywheel and flexplate.
lsr said:
$40 shipped for the flywheel and flexplate.
sorry man cant do it, shipping will be half that amount. Stock flywheels arent light.
I really need a tranny from a TSI so if you still have one you should post back.
i have a 1g fwd turbo tranny still, 2 of them actually. Its 200.00+shipping+ packaging materials
need that tranny really bad, are you sure there in working order???
and answer your damn e-mails from dsmtuners get back to me

unfortunately i dont have that email account on dsmtuners,
you can email me at [email protected]
The trannies shift smooth in the cars. We have never ran them personally to know what kind of shape synchros or shift forks are in.They came out of a car that was totalled and running , hydroplaned in the rain. Just had a new stock clutch put in it and 127,000 on the odometer, and the other one came out of a car that had a broken timing belt, 132,000 on the odometer on it. Both cars were completely stock, probably not raced. Chances of everything being good is high, but because the exact shape of tranny is unknown thats why its going so cheap
do you have a 1g tranny mount assebly (both pieces) for a FWD? and possibly the lower dust cover for the flywheel?

i have a 92 gs
noodlez60 said:
do you have a 1g tranny mount assebly (both pieces) for a FWD? and possibly the lower dust cover for the flywheel?

i have a 92 gs
I have the mounts, and i believe i have the dust shield too.pm a price for it all
umm if you have a tranny still email me at [email protected] for a total price and ill send the money asap but ill see if you still have them or not
i still have them. Email sent
any way that i could get a number or something, i will purchase one of those trannies but i wanted to know if you could meet me halfway or something.. if not could you get an exact amount of how much a total with shipping would be. give me a call at 812-603-2541 or send an email to me at [email protected] call anytime on weekends and anytime after 1pm on weekdays thanks

ill have to give you a call here in a bit. My friend might be able to meet you but i doubt it. Its a long drive to indy from tn. Probably have to ship it
i live in columbus indiana its a lot closer to tn from there shaves about an hour off
but give me a call asap so i can get this damn car on the road
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