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1G PARTS, stock and upgrade

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VPC with 1 month old temp sensor. Includes pressure sensor and harness.-$500 shipped
AFC-blue screen-$200 shipped
90 Trottle body
4 bolt rear-$500
90 trans-$500
90 transfer case-$150
7 cm stainless exhaust gasket -$25 shipped
O2 sensor- $50 shipped-500 miles, no race gas
1G lightly polished valve cover with a small crack. Crack fixed professionaly-$50 shipped
1G clean black interior. Seats front and rear and door panels.-make an offer
water neck with new new thermostat
1g 6 bolt resurfaced flywheel with 500 miles- make an offer
Oil feed and oil return lines-$15 shipped
1G passenger side front light cover (the cover between the mitsu and the turn signal lights)-make an offer.
Metal end tank radiator with 200 miles. Like new condition $80 shipped
Slim fan-1K CFM 12 inch, pull fan. paid $175 shipped. Make and offer.

Make a resonable offer and we can talk [email protected]
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are the oil feed and return steel braided and why so much for the trans is it built?
firestarter4206 said:
are the oil feed and return steel braided and why so much for the trans is it built?

They are stock oil feed and return lines. No braiding. Regarding the trans, I notice you have a Front wheel drive car. The AWD transmisions are more expensive. I just sold a front wheel trans for $375. This one is an AWD in great shape. Built trannys are around $1000, not $500. :) If you have any other questions email me at [email protected] please. Thanks for your inquiery.
I also have a good 1G BOV that is crushed.-Make an offer
6 bolt flex plate-make an offer
I have a very good condition black interior. Seats (both front and back), and door inserts. I own it from a really nice parts car that I split with my friend. I'll take $300 for it. If that's not reasonable let me know and I'll talk to my friend.
I'm looking for an O.E. Fuel Pressure Regulator. 1990 1G, AWD, M/T.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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