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I am currently able to use the normal cooling fan, although wanted to put a slim fan on the drivers side that I could control when needed. I have read about pulling the A/C clutch fuse(I pulled a 10A fuse, correct?) and using the in-car A/C button to turn on the fan, without turning on the a/c.

So I searched and searched and could only find directions for 2g's or for 1g passenger side... until I finally found this...

Driver's side fan (A/C condenser fan):

This fan has two speeds. The big resistor attached to the fan shroud allows the fan to operate at slow speed. When certain conditions are met, the resistor is bypassed allowing full 12v to the fan which is the high speed. I chose to bypass the resistor so the fan always spins at full speed.

Cut the wires about 4 inches from the end of the connector. Cut the connector off the SPAL fan. Solder or crimp the SOLID blue wire to the blue wire on the SPAL fan and the SOLID black wire to the black wire on the SPAL fan. Solder the remaining two wires together. Mine were blue with a black tracer and black with white tracer. Tape everything up real good. Install your fan and plug the connector back into the original fan connector. Tie wrap the wires to the condensor line.
Is this the correct way to do it?
I looped the blue w/ black and black w/ white wires together as suggested, although the fan seems slightly under-powered. Should these wires be spliced into the others, creating higher speed?
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