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1g turbo problem?

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I have a 90 gsx. I just did a headgasket on it about 1200 miles ago. Has been running great. Today i noticed that when i shifted when under boost, that is puffed a bit of smoke between the shift. Its a whitish/grey smoke. I also noticed in 4th and 5th (maybe third) then when i floor it, my boost goes to around 5 then it drops back off to around 3 for a while, then it builds up to full boost, around 13psi. Before in fifth my boost would build steady to 13 psi, now it takes a long time. On my A/F guage, when it goes to 5 and back down it says its running just a bit rich, 1-2 bars into rich (it did this before it was puffing smoke) Its not very far into the rich zone at all.

Is my 14b taking a dump on me?
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Do a boost leak test.

Also, probably isn't a good idea to rely on the bar/disco light style AF gauges. Pickup one that shows you actual o2 voltage. Or just buy a logger.
Forgot to add, you're not dumping your BOV to the atmosphere, are you?

That will cause you to be rich on shifts.
No boost leaks. Im not venting. The turbo has quite a bit of shaft play. :(*
it deffinately sounds like the turbo is going south on you. the smoking and inconsitent boost is how mine started out and then it went for a real sh*t and everytime i revved the car i'd get the spy hunter smoke screen and it wouldn't build boost at all.

oh and haut for your information the disco ball a/f ratio gauges do measure the actual o2 voltage its just not too usefull because its a narrow band 02 sensor.
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