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First I did the Chicklet mod. All was good in the world, I had the look I wanted out of the headlights, but I also wanted to keep my fog lights functional. This tutorial is a combination of images and steps in order to have the headlights illuminated in the down position while also being able to use the fog lights. As an added benefit, the head lights do not need to be illuminated to use the fog lights. Also, you can still use the pop-up motors for full headlight illumination.

Not my image:

Start by doing the chicklet mod.

Remove the passenger's side kick panel cover by door in the foot well.

Behind it there will be a bundle of wires slightly tucked into the dashboard. With some cohersing, this bundle will come loose. In this bundle you will find the "Chicklet."

Some people report it as being white, others say it is black. Either way, you'll remove it and store it somewhere safely. I opted to use some electrical tape and attach to the outside of the connector it was removed from.

At this point you can activate your headlights in the up or down position. Play with the headlight switch and headlight motor button for a few moments. You'll figure out that the motors now only work when the headlights are off.

Now that you've done the chicklet mod, you're fog lights will no longer work.

This is the next stage of illumination modifications that will allow your fog lights to gain power when the running lamps are on.

Remove the gauge cluster bezel. There are 6 phillips head screws total.

Lower the steering column and pull the cluster out slowly until you can access the connectors for the dimmer, fog lights and headlight motors. Disconnect them and place the bezel to the side.

With your connectors exposed, determine which on is for the dimmer and which is for the fog lights.

The yellowish/brown connector is for the dimmer, the black is for the fog lights, the yellowish/white connector is for the headlight motors.

Locate the solid green wire for the fog light connector. Giving ample length of wire from the back side of the connector, cut the green wire. Seal off the harness side of the green wire as we'll no longer be using this as a power source.

Now, locate the yellow/brownish dimmer's connector. Fish out the green-wire-with-white-stripe. Do not cut this wire. Strip or use a quick-splice connector, splicing the fog lights solid green wire to the dimmer's green/white wire.

If successful, your fog lights now work (when turned on with the fog light button) when your parking lights are illuminated.

The chicklet mod disables the fog light power supply to the switch. Since you've now created a new power source for the fog light switch, your fogs work independently of the circuitry of the chicklet.

Both mods are rarely written together. I struggled for hours to understand why I'd lost my fog lights when it dawned on me that the chicklet must also supply their switch with power. By doing both mods, you have achieved full control of your lights.
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