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1Quickchic's Ride

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Here she is guys my baby.

A lil bit about the Candy Eclipse

This car use to be a nt (thats right)
It also has 5 other DSM's in it.
So far It has been to 187MPH :eek:

Mods thus far?

Where to start where to start.

Lets begin with the engine. ;)

It is a seasoned 2.0 6 bolt 4g63 6-bolt block, with balance shafts removed. As far as the rotating assembly goes, it a proven set-up consisting of crower rods, JE pistons (9:0.1) free floated with arp mains and head studs. All speed balanced to 15k RPM :eek: She rumbles and shakes down low but when the rpms climb its like music.
The Head sports ferrea super alloy valves with ferrea valve guides, and crower springs and titanium retainers, porting is excessive. ;) The bump sticks of choice are HKS 272's.
Original Turbo was a pte 57 trim, But Now has a custom FP/ Garrett GT35R With a 44mm V-band gate on it.
I am fixing to put the ems and injectors in and who knows what the future holds. All I can say is I am looking for 550+ on pump gas, and a top speed past 190 :eek:
I will post newer pics of the engine bay soon. ;)
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I love your car. By far, one of my favorites on the forum. :D
One of the sweetest 1g's i've seen...love the car.
This is yours???? I've had that pic on my background a while ago and didnt know who's it was. HAHAH

Thanks everyone, If you have any questions feel free to ask!
1QuickChic said:
So far It has been to 187MPH
First, nice car.

However, given the lack of a low CD and pushing under 500hp, I have a hard time believing you hit 187.
Thats cool, I have witness's so.. RSM's peak hold recorded 297 km/h = actually equals out to 184.5
It didnt feel so good either. :eek:
Looking really nice and clean. I can't wait to see pictures of the new setup.
Morpheus said:
First, nice car.

, I have a hard time believing you hit 187.
I agree, but that car is super nice. How do you plan on hitting 550 on pump? Props!:D
A really nice tune and everything to support it, Just thought I would share the other things done to the car and plans as well.
I am on transmission #6 clutch # I forgot. All bushings in the car have been replaced with prothane, I have done some unsafe removing of metal as well to bring the weight down. It has agx's and eibach sportlines at the moment.

My plans to do 200mph

Thin aluminum sheet metal the entire underside of the car, enhance the stock spoiler to increase downforce, more unsafe metal removal. Cage. Swap the sportlines/ agx's for coilovers. Add Stoptech brakes.Dual plate clutch, and a built transmission. Also when I do hit 200 it will be recorded. ;) Anyone want to ride with me?

I have a bunch of other stuff with the car too but you guys can probally figure it out. ;)
Very clean 1g...just not feeling the hood. But to each their own. Congrats on a very clean car.
i agree the hood is sorta crazy...not as streamlined as the normal 1g but to each his (her) own
So do you have anything done to the tranny or is it stock. Correct me if I am wrong but the top of 5th gear at 9k doesnt get you to 200mph. Just curious what you have done.

Nice looking car.
I can see the hood being a bit contraversial especially to the 1G crowd but I think you have put together a nice overall package. Function, more aggressive appearance and great performance.
EclipseRST said:
So do you have anything done to the tranny or is it stock. Correct me if I am wrong but the top of 5th gear at 9k doesnt get you to 200mph. Just curious what you have done.

Nice looking car.
In an awd this is true, this is a fwd turbo trans. Yes they have been stock thats why I have had 6 of them.

The front lip is off a 90 eclipse
Beautiful car girl, you know I've always been a big fan of it. Have you ever considered using something like fiberglass instead of sheetmetal underneath the car? Either way remember to make sure that you've either got some access panels or at least make the front half easily removable for servicing the motor.
So just out of curiosity, is that a swapped engine or the same 2.0 N/T block?
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