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2 Quick questions.

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1-----I have a 95 TSi AWD. Does my car have 1(one) oxygen sensor, or does it have 2(two)? When I bought my car it came with a 3" turbo-back exhaust. So Im not sure if it has the back sensor, or even if it is supposed to have it...

2-----I called my chrysler dealer and their quote for the o2 sensor thats located around the manifold is $252.00. Do you guys know of any online stores that will ship to Canada that sell the o2 sensors for less?

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you can get a good denso o2 for like 100 at autozone, same one that anyone would buy online and its better then OEM. make sure you get the one specifically for your car DONT get the universal one tht you have to cut wires. youre car came with 2 o2 sensors but the exhaust might have eliminated the rear one. in which case you would have a CEL unless you have DSMlink or something to fool the ECU.
Thanks, I found a Bosch one locally for $60CDN.
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