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I have leftover parts from putting in a standalone.

2g eeprom ecu, works awesome. I took it apart to make sure caps werent leaking. 200usd obo.

2g mas-45 shipped including fees-I bought it from muffinman on here, despite his quick shipping I still got my megasquirt working before it got here, lol.

2g tcu controller-55 shipped with paypal fees, off of same car as the ecu. It is eeprom as well. I would program it myself but I dont have time to deal with it when I'm just building a track car anyways.

I need these parts gone as my wife needs a labtop for college so prices are obo.

I also have nearly any 2g interior piece you could imagine as well as everything for the heater from under the dash and everything for the ac that was on the car.

Thanks for your time! Le:) t me know if your interested in something!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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