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2g AWD poping out of gear.

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Ok i did a search and couldnt fine a clear idea as to what my problem could be. I just bought my first AWD tonight. Its a 95 GSX for 3500. Test drove it and all felt fine. Car needs alignment but thats about it HOPEFULLY. Somethings up with the clutch, either a master cyclinder or slave cyclinder or who knows maybe just rebleed. Got that problem diagnosed already, but the car pops out of second gear sometimes. Drove the car home, about a hour and a half drive and drove fine except for this. Any ideas to check out tomorrow when im deciding wheather or not to keep the car or give it back to the guy. Deffinitly not the hottest camper right now.
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my friend had a problem like this....it turned out to be one of the cables that controls the shifter......it was screwed......so it would pop out of gear and hard to get into 1st sometimes.
That sounds almost egxactly like my problem, abgdsm.
then if its the same problem its not worth giving it back to the guy.....id keep it.....ive heard it wont affect anything too bad...just be careful till u fix it
You got the car for a pretty good price, too IMHO. Got pics?
Same is happening to me with third gear sometimes and 5th all the time on a FWD. I would also like to know what is goin on.
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