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2g mas on 1g problems

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2gmas with 550's on a 1g car. got it all set up and it would start and then sputters real bad and then would die. i had to add 50% fuel at idle and then 25% across the board to get the car to run and have the o2 sensor start working. any idea why im soo lean? could the MAF be bad? its off a 3kgt could that be the problem? all the numbers on top are the same as my 98 gst. im stumped
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You are sure no unmetered air is getting into the system?

The MAS is unhacked?
im positive theres no air entering pre turbo, im going to do a boost leak test today when i get a chance. i dont think there is because it was running fine, and somehow the valve cover just cracked, all on its own. it was down for about 2 weeks and while it was down i got dejon tools intake to fit the 2gmas. The MAS has the screw backed out all the way, like it got it stock off of the the 3kgt and is missing the lower and side honeycombs, they were screwed up when i got the MAS so i fixed the center one as best i could and removed the other 3.
at +50% at 800 and 1200 rpm, and the +40 across the board hi and low, my trims are 137 low, 104 mid and 102 hi. i havent even taken it over 5k rpms or 50% throttle, im just trying to figure out why its sooo lean
it was the honeycombs. put em in and its much better
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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