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2g tenzo-r rally seats and misc items for sale

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I am trying to revert more to a stock form, plus need to get a bit of cash. First of all, I AM NOT shipping these, unless you are willing to take the risk of me wrapping it in a garbage bag and bringing it to UPS.

The seats are red Tenzo-R rally seats, sorry no pictures, just do a quick search for them. They have been in my daily driver for 2/3 years, and are sun faded. This is a common problem of all the seats from my knowledge. I'd look into re-dying them, but I don't really care much. So, obviously they come with brackets and sliders to bolt on direct to any 2g. I also have 2 "generic" ie non certified 4 point harnesses for each. The seats are fully reclineable, and have a flip lever for backseat access. It hugs me very well, and is definitely nice to drive hard in.

I drive almost 2 hours a day on my commute to work, and after a year and a half of this, maybe a few more lbs on the body, I just want more comfort.

There are no rips or tears in the seats. I DO, however need your stock seats. Either one driver's side tan cloth seat, or a matching set of fronts, I can give you my stock passenger seat if you want. I lent out my driver's seat and the person just disappeared. I would like leather, but am not picky. The seats MUST be in good/great condition since I'm not going to put together a beater :)


$219.99 for the seats
$39.99 for the sliders
$34.99 for brackets
$50 for the harnesses
= $344.97 X 2 = $689.94 + Shipping (usually at least $75 a seat)

Obviously I paid more when I bought them, but that is today's pricing, I'm going at less than half.

Looking for around $350 BO, will lower a bit if you have nice leathers to trade. I live in the Boston, MA area, so you will have to meet me, I am not going to drive to NYC or anything like that. Any other questions, please let me know.

Also have:

1G uncrushed BOV $40 shipped

2g AWD speed bleeders $30 shipped

2g rear AEM big brake upgrade kit (or possibly my rear vented rotor setup.. undecided) -- $350 no shipping! (Would come with calipers, pads, rotors).
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I found out some good quality fabric dye for car interior seats.

I think I will be dying it black if that changes interest.
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