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2nd gear grind

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sup everyone, im currently helpin find a 1st awd talon for my friend. i found one close however the guy said that the only problem is that whenever he goes into 2nd gear, theres a grinding noise that goes in, however once its in, its in good. what could the problem be and how much would it cost. thx guys
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It's the 2nd gear synchro's....Just about the most common DSM tranny problem ever...

There are a few possible fixes; the obvious being a tranny rebuild w/ stronger 2nd gear synchro's!

But, if you're lucky, using some BG Syncromesh or a related synthetic tranny fluid should be able to eliminate some grinding...

I doubt the tranny fluid will entirely stop the grinding, but it should help and make it more driveable...Other than that, the only other smart choice is shipping the sucker out to Shep :p
welcome to the club!!!Mine does the same thing when it's cold,once it warms up it goes away.i have yet to try syncromesh.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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