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I recently got a eclipse my first one ever, I have wanted one for about 20 years.

Mileage is just under 75K, this car for the most part was taken care of but has been sitting for a few years. The engine was pulled to replace the crank seal and has been sitting in boxes and was never put back together. The car is an automatic.

I have never put an engine back together and from what I hear this one is fairly easy. Does anybody have any videos or links on how to do so, I found a few but people have time lapsed them and it doesn’t show enough.

It is an automatic, I would like to get it back to running condition but with the engine out I would like to do a few mods before it goes back in. I’m not looking to make this a track car just something fun to drive in the summer over my SUV but still fast.

Any suggestions on mods or how to turbo this correctly would be appreciated.
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