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Hello guys
i have a little issue, it feels like it doesnt want to run over 70mp/h / 120km/h , i feel some power at 1-3rd gear 4th something but at 5th gear it feels like it doesnt have any more power to run
and this is even after engine swap,
i did head job in winter cuz piston hit the valve , so i bought everything new and change it, after drive which felt same like now , one rocker arm felt down of the valve . there were also some other problems like high mileage,
so we did engine swap 420a for another 420a with less mileage , engine runs good
1500rpm before 1200rpm +- now, both with no cel
all sensors that can affect rpm are new without any change in rpm,
denso/ngk spark plugs ( no real change atlest in rpm, didnt test high speed)
Weapon-R intake
obx ingnition coil ( have different one , no change in rpm, no test in high speed)
some high volate spark plug wires maybe obx too
MagnaFlow Exhaust ( https://www.magnaflow.com/products/...und-centercenter-performance-muffler-with-tip )
OBX cam gears
thermostat in housing is there the other side (but i guess it shouldnt affect the speed )
magnaflow catalytic converter
so any idea?


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