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50trim on FMIC

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How important is it to run a FMIC on a 50 trim? i dont plan on running the car hard at all infact im breaking everything in, just finished rebuild on motor and what not. If i can i would like to wait a month or so before i buy a FMIC. I have all supporting mods and everything except the FMIC.
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You can run a sidemount on a 50 trim at low boost til you get a fmic.
The reason you need to run a FMIC is because youll be moving a higher volume of air, which needs to be cooled.

So if you stay at the same airflow, or if you cant log airflow then Hz., you should be fine.

-Dallas J
k thanks man i plan on running stock boost for a while.
Stoicalpear said:
k thanks man i plan on running stock boost for a while.

welll one thing you may want to keep in mind is that you can run the same amount of boost (stock) and will still actually flow more air (Hz) on a larger turbo... if you cant monitor knock and or intake manifold temps, it may be a good idea to run a boost source directly to your wategate to keep boost (and airflow) down....

the fmic is a supporting mod for a larger turbo... meaning it can be important, and a necessity... becarefull.
I've been in your same position, get a 50 trim. Its not to big nor to small, just right. 4g's love 50 trims, even so in completely stock form. Big fmic makes a difference along with everthing else, but you can get away with it till you can do more. My gsx on a stock motor with 130,000 and 110 psi of compression smoking like a frieght train still ripped, and spooled fast. I had the pte 5027 from extreme psi, loved it.
I wouldn't expect to push a 50trim hard with a sidemount but that isn't what you are trying to do. :) For the breakin you should be fine with a sidemount. Then upgrade it before you start raising boost and tuning in the WOT curves.
Alright just what i needed to know thanks a lot guys.
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