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5th gear popping out...now third!!

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well i installed a stock clutch in my car a few months ago and everything seemed fine until about a month ago when fifth gear stated popping out...now just tonight my third gear started popping out...it only pops out under light and hard accerlation....my friend said it was my synchronizers going out...if so should i take it to a tranny shop?...i dont feel confident doin tranny work...anyone know how much this will cost me for the synchros and installation...thanks for the help
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Try adjusting the cables first. I know on the turbo models, if you take off the endcase of the tranny, there is a nut you can tighten to keep it from popping out of 5th gear. As far as the N/T trannies go though I have no clue.
Alot of times that rubber on the bushings gets oil on them and the break apart. That could be the cause for a popping out of gear.

If its an N/A goto walmart grab some bearings for a skateboard/rollerblades/whatever just make sure they are that size. pull your battery out and the tray. Get the rubber from those bushings completely out. Those bearings should be the same size. I used a set of vice grips and two small pieces of wood to force them in the holes. After that the car has shift so much better and hasnt popped out of gear since then. Make sure you check the ones by the shifter too. I can grab some pics if its confusing.
I don’t know, but I remember reading somewhere about that happening and the cause of it was something coming loose insidethe tranny. (I don’t know if that’s it or not) but it said that it can really f the stuff up).
Yeah is on the vfaq in the shifter area i think.
All you have to do is tighten up the 2 36 mm nuts right inside if the transmission. (Take off your passenger wheel and splash thing that’s there and you will see the transmission. Take the cover off the transmission and the nuts are right there) they get loose over time and can even come off.
sounds to me like you have a synchro and gear problem. you should get that checked out before yoy could possibly cause more damage from internal parts breaking and causing metal contamination of your trans fluid. :(
autocannones said:
Take the cover off the transmission and the nuts are right there) they get loose over time and can even come off.
If they are staked sufficiently, they shouldn't be getting loose or coming off at all.
While it does sound like a dying tranny problem, here is something else you can try. Change the springs for the ball and spring shift retainers. There are 3 bolts on the front of the tranny (toward radiator) in a vertical line that have springs and ball bearings under them. These push the balls into the shift rails to keep the car in gear once it's there. The springs have been known to go bad. Search for this, there are many threads here regarding them and even part numbers for the springs.

The detent balls and springs sound like it could be my problem with 4th popping out, but I would think the problem would be 2nd and 4th and not just 4th if this problem, or it would happen on more that 3rd and 5th gear. Just speculating. Need to check it out further.

are you using BG syncros as your tranny fluid??
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