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6 bolt or 7 bolt

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Hi I have a few ? I drive a 91 tsi and want to figure out what is in the car a 6 bolt or 7 bolt. and I was wondering what one is better. because i want to make a 2.3 storker motor and was wondering what i should use thank you
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i was told that the 7bolt has less problems with crank walk..so i was leaning towards a 7bolt swap myself
I'm kinda a n00b at this but, if I remember my facts right, the 7 bolt motors had the problem with crankwalk. DSM put 6 bolt motors in their cars until April of '93, and from then on, all motors were 7 bolt. When most people do a JDM motor swap they get a 6 bolt. I did a lot of searching on this in the past months, when I ordered a JDM motor.

Since your car was made before April '93, it should be a 6 bolt.
Thank you. I still dont know what Im going to due yet
I'd definately get a couple other opinions and not base your whole decision on what I said, I don't have any facts to support my statements, someone else could probably explain to you why one engine is better than the other.
do not freakin get a 7 bolt, go with the 6 bolt. the 7 bolt is the one that has the crankwalk probs. yes, any motor can have crankwalk, but it is reported a lot more in 7 bolts. but, and this is a big but, there are some very successful 7 bolt motors out there.

does anyone know if evo motors are 6 bolt or 7 bolt? i've been curious about this for a while now
The new evos are a six bolt, very much like the 1g 6 bolts. The only good thing about the 7 bolt is the pistons, they have a 8.5-1 compression ratio.
and the exhaust manifold
Man, the misinformation is flying! First off, it's not just "6 bolt" and "7 bolt". There are 1G and 2G 7 bolts. The 1Gs are 7.8:1 just like 6 bolts, and the 2Gs are 8.5:1 - and they are the ones known to crankwalk. Secondly, plenty of people have run well into the 11s on stock 7 bolts. Third, the modern EVOs are more directly related to 7 bolts than 6 bolts, although they are a different engine themselves. Lastly, although the 6 bolt has thicker - and arguably stronger - rods, the 1G 7 bolt has other advantages such as a crank support girdle, better bearing design, and lighter rotating mass due to the smaller rods.
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