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My childhood buddy Jim, finally finished his 1965 Chevelle SS Clone. It's got a 427ci V8, and 4-Speed tranny. It's silver, with SS clone wheels. It's beautiful. So one day we were talking, and my DSM came up. I told him, it's nothing special. I haven't really touched this thing since I bought it. The last person who owned it did some basic bolt on, such as stainless headers and exhaust. Hi-flow cat, and cold air intake from some an unknown company.

Then he asked me, you wanna race some time. I thought he was kidding. But he wasn't.

So the next day we race. We got on the highway, and waited for the Radar to go silent. No cops or people around. So I pull up next to him, I downshift and go full throttle. He lets me ahead a few links before he went half throttle and flew by me. He gets ahead 10 links and lets off the throttle. I got spanked. Pwned. I didn't have a chance. I pull up next to him, and he asked me if I want to run again? Hell no! My car was barely running. "I'll go 1/3 throttle!". I'll still lose, I replied.

I'm no street racer. I hate street racing...but hey, what would you do? lol
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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