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7 bolt main design question

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Im confused how the 7 bolt design is set up. with the 6 there is just 3 per side but where does the 7th bolt go?
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Its seven bolts ina circle pattern on the flywheel.
yeah they are just spaced differentally and the 6 bolts are just overall better
How is a 6 bolt better than a 7 bolt? I'm new to cars...DSMs especially
Go to the search button and type in "Crankwalk." That will give you all the info you need about why a 6 bolt is better.
It isn't that the bolt pattern is better, but rather that the engine blocks are completely different. Historically, 6 bolts get crankwalk less than 7 bolt engines, and are also said to be stronger. They are used much more often in engine build-ups.

More information can be had on the issues by doing a search of the site.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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