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90 Talon 2.0 stalls then won't start intermittently

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The car is a 90 Talon ESI 2.0 4g63 engine.

The car runs awesome. Then one day at a light in traffic the car starts to idle erratically and dies the lights in the dash lit up when the car started acting up and there are clicks in the dash area. The car turns over but won't start. I try a few times, same. I wait a bit then try again same. It smells fuel like crazy out the tailpipe also. The car seems like it tries to start but dies as if the timing was completely off or a really weak spark. Sometimes it starts but dies real soon.

I called for a towing and I went back to my car. Started it many clicks in the dash, erratic idle, I gave it some throttle and it cleared up completely. Ran like a kitten perfect idle. as I drove back home, it died again. Took 5 minutes to get it to start again.

I cleaned up my connections at the battery and the stock grounds are in great condition. The car ran great for 1 week. Then problem started again with the clicks in the dash and it can't idle. But now it starts if you give it some throttle and dies if you don't.

I have good voltage at the batterry and the alternator is working fine. I don't know where to start since I don't have any spare parts to try. I'm thinking ECU problems or ground problems. Maybe the Cam sensor is acting up too. The clicks in the dash really remind me of when you have a lose connection at the battery.

What do you guys think, I need this car working good, I spent a lot of cash restoring it !
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Other detail is the car always had a bit of an intermittent idle surge but I never bothered with it.
Well I checked the VFAQ and I've got all the symptoms of bad capacitors in my ECU.

It smelled like garbage in the car right after the clicking under the dash stalling problem occured.
thats what it sounds like to me. pm stevep on there and he'll set you up
Yup, the problem is now fixed. I did have leaking capacitors in the ECU. Got the replacement upgraded capacitors from a local electronic supply store for under 10$ (with 19 spare for each lol). One guy I know worked on the board took little time.
takes 10 minutes to replace caps.
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