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I drive a 90' talon tsi
this other kid drives a 95 talon awd

Knowing the all wheel drive will pull me from the line...but third gear should I start to pull, right?
Im running 14psi,he is stock what should win?
both are 5-speeds
Are 2g'd better than the 1g?
I have free mods and intake..
He just has intake.
This kid is cocky, I am determined to win!
WHAT'S BETTER? 1g or 2g?

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i'd have to say that you should win. unless he is really good at slipping the clutch in his awd, chances are he'll try to just dump the clutch, which in turn should make his car jump of the line then bog for a second, at this point you'll probaly be spinning by him :D if he does get a good launch he'll be ahead a car or two but you should be making more power with your 14b and free mods then the fwd gearing should allow you to reel him in...eventually :D the more power you have on him the easier it will be.
good luck..


95 tsi-awd
91 tsi-fwd
95 civic turbo
82 gti
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