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I picked it up yesterday November 25, 2022, from the mechanic who has tried on and off for 2 months starting in July 2022 to clear the idle surge. The invoice reads like a New York phone book in spare parts he ordered for the '92 replacement Mitsubishi engine. The original Eagle engine was bored out 12 to 1 and blew up at startup. That was in 2010!
They found a junk Mitsu and charged me $500 to replace it. I've had more problems since then including my current idle surge which started 6 months ago. My mechanic specializes in high end cars but can't fix the surge! Is it possible anyone in our DSM fraternity can offer a solution?
The 2nd engine has around 60K on it while the original had about the same. I bought it in '96. I really cherish this model with the hatchback. I use it to carry flags to missions we hold for our departed veteran brothers at my parish here in Irvine, CA. Cost so far is over $1,500. I'm on limited financial sources. I need help. My mechanic has tried everything: Replaced Mass Airflow Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Alternator. And rebuilt turbo. He even sent it to an electronics shop to have a new computer installed. That didn't work either. He and I are at our collective wits end. My registration renewal expired in April 2022. I paid the fee, but it can't pass a smog test which is required every 2 years here in California. I can't drive it after December 31, 2022.
Thanks for reading.
Flag Man.
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