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94 eclipse and 94 talon?

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i was wondering if a 94 elipse has the same engine and parts as a 94 talon because i want to get throttle body spacers, they are only made for 2.0l eclipse and i was wondering if this and others work on the 94 talon. thanks!!
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Yes, they ARE the same car. Just Most ALL plces list parts for the eclipse. So if you ever can't get parts for your talon just ask for the eclipse.
ok ya thats wat i thought...i just wanted to make sure
btw t-body spacers wont help ya in the hp range, thought i would just drop that in
really? in the description they gurantee a hp boost somewhat? do you have experience with this?
they are just like those tornado devices, spose to make the air swirl or something like that, i believe that a couple magazines did this a while back and found them to do nothing and in some instances reduced hp they are not cost effective, if it can make hp it will just be 1-2, which is marginal
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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