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95 Turbo Eclipse runs like #$#@

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Free revs great but under a load it pops back and sputters. What do I check?
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How old are your plugs and what kind are they? If it feels like fuel cut, then that could be the issue.

If you get new ones I recommend the NGK BPR7ES's, they are a grade colder then OEM and work great for high boost applications.
It has new NGK gapped at @28. I am working on this for someone else. I did notice that the fuel pressure regulator vaccum runs to a solenoid and this solenoid has a vaccum line that runs to the intake. I put direct manifold vaccum on the regulator and it runs 100% better. I assume it must be fuel related. How is this curcuit supposed to be hooked up?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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