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98 eclipse gs A/T-M/T swap

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:confused: okay so i am about to buy a 98 eclipse gs for 2000 dollars, stock, great condition. It sounds like a steal to me. The person owning it before me is kind of older so its been pretty well maintained. I can not stand driving automatics, and a know a lot of you love automatics but please respect my opinion. However I was wondering if anyone has a parts list and price range needed for the swap, also is it reccomended to try and mod it..the car is a GS meaning its a N/A so i would turbo it. Should i just buy and resell the car, i should probably resell it higher than im buying it for...buy over a grand lol. Someone give me some advice...please lol :confused:
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My opinion is you should just look for a turbocharged, manual DSM.
Mongoose said:
My opinion is you should just look for a turbocharged, manual DSM.
werd ......
ya i was thinking it would be much easier, but im pretty strapped on cash thats why i was thinking the GS might just be worth it but ...now it seems like way too much work
If you're looking for even a little bit of power, don't go for a GS. You'll be dissapointed, unless you don't care for power or speed. Like you said, you could try buying it and selling it for more. How many miles, dings, dents , etc? It may not be worth reselling it. Give us more info. on the car so we can help steer you in the right direction
Later, Jesse.
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