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99 Eclipse Radio Install

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Just a quick question about installing a radio, how does the original one come out? I looked at installdr.com and they did not have a guide for a 99. Searched here and no luck really. I can wire up the rest, just need to know how to remove the old one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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pull the center councel out first the rest you can figure out
this car is weird for mounting in the dash kit, the cage goes over the whole bracket in order for it to look decent.
tiny flathead screwdriver
phillips screwdriver

-use the flat head to pop out the trim thats over the heating and AC dials. its pretty simple. pull it from the heat selection dial.
-remove the shift knob by turning it counter clockwise.
-remove the cupholder using the flat head again, just pop it up. very simple.
-using the phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that are located at the back of the center console. between the seats. its right under the armrest.
-remove the two screws where the cup holder was. also using a phillips.
-remove the two screws that are by the radio.
-take out the center console so its out of your way.
-there are four screws holding the stereo in place. simply remove them using a phillips again and pull it out enough to disconnet all the wiring (harness, antenna, ext)

thats it! you're done! hope this helps out!
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It's really not a very difficult install, but if you get stuck (i don't think you will) this is a great site:


Unfortunately you have to pay for this one, but the pictures are great and they are very thorough.
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