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A little Help?

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Okay i just replaced the Gasket around my Valve cover and all of the spark plugs thinking that it would stop the oil seeping out from around the Gasket. It didnt, i cant seem to figure out exactly where the oil is coming from. Could it possibly be from under the spark plugs? :confused: Another good question that noone has been able to answer for me is why when i rev the car up will the turbo not spool up? I mean when i am driving it spools up just fine...about 14 lb of boost...im just confused...thanks for all of your help
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Could you of overtorqued the valve cover? They get a really low ft/lb, something like 2-3.

Turbo's spool based on engine load (among other things). An unloaded engine doesn't require much air to rev, so you will not be passing much air across the turbine, so you will not build boost in neutral.
Is your valve cover cracked? Do you have the 1G plastic cover? Perhaps it is warped?
Oil can come from under your oil cap as well. Clean the area around the cap and the cap itself and see if that resolves it. MAKE SURE GRIT AND GRIME DO NOT GET INTO YOUR ENIGNE. If not, then maybe a new oil cap. You may also have a crack in your valve cover somewhere.
The oil could be from a few things.

-Cracked valve cover. They are easy to crack when tightening down the bolts.

-Spark plug well gaskets. When you replace the valve cover gasket you should replace the 4 spark plug well gaskets and the half moon seal as well.

-Oil Cap gasket. A bad gasket here will let oil seep out from under the cap and get all over the cover.
Did you make sure to clean the gasket mating surfaces really well? If not of course this can result in small oil sepage.
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