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I needed a set of stock rods for a simple no frills short block.

I grab a set, press the pistons off and clean them.

I weigh each rod and find a difference of 7g from low to high.

I thought that was a fluke, so I grab up all the stock 6 bolt rods and press the pistons off.

23 rods weight out between 687g and 704g

(2) 687g
(1) 688g
(1) 689g
(3) 690g
(1) 691g
(2) 692g
(1) 693g
(2) 694g
(2) 695g
(1) 696g
(2) 697g
(3) 699g
(1) 702g
(1) 704g

I could tell some of the sets, what engine they came out of, average High to low difference was 5g to 7g

I was amazed on how far off the weights were in the same engine set.

So I went to a buddy's shop and picked up 10 more rods to weigh out.

Back to the scale.

In 10 rods I found a range of weights, The difference of 21g!!


(1) 680g
(1) 687g
(2) 697g
(1) 698g
(4) 699g
(1) 701g

Lightest rod found was 680.5g and the heaviest rod is 704.5g So that is a low to high difference of 24g in 33 rods checked

So after all this I was able to make up 6 sets of rods with close weights, 1 to 1.5g high to low differences.

So to the guys doing there own back yard builds, make sure you you have the weights of your rods checked, even more so if you are planning on doing a BSE in your build.
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