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A/T temp, battery, check engine on together

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Had a weird encounter this saturday. I was sitting in a line waiting for a parking lot to get some space, it was a fairly humid and cool evening. Around 8 degrees Celcius.

Suddenly the A/T temp, battery and check engine lights came on. At the same time I wasn't doing anything so this was very confusing to say the least.

What could be the cause of such a lamp display? The weirdest thing was that turning off the CD player and putting the car in "N" and/or "P" made the lamps go off. Then they went on again briefly when I started to drive again and went off as I put the car in neutral again.

Could it be that the transmission was getting overheated while just standing on the brake and in D waiting in the line?

Could be like 10 minutes just standing still....
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I have the same problem. Been this way for roughly 3 weeks, on and off. I found revving works to get rid of them as well. I would love to find out what the problem is here.
Since revving helped I also made the assumption it might have something to do with the battery not charging at idle, but why the A/T temp lamp....no clue
Sounds like the alternator might be going out. I had the same problem happen to my car several times and it was the alternator, I've replaced it 4 times in 2 months. I have not spent time looking at the wiring but I wonder if each of those indicators are tied together, might have the same ground path. Have your alternator checked.

My alternator and battery died roughly 3 months ago. The problem began after the my replacements were put in. Shortly after the repairs my car died again and had to be towed back to Pep Boys where the work was done. They checked the charging system and all they came up with was a battery cable was loose. I still have the problem. I had troubles this passed weekend and my neighbor came over cause he saw me with my hood up. He ended up bringing some stuff over to help me out. Using a voltmeter he showed me that my battery was putting out a low voltage. When the car was on, the voltage would hold steady but at times would drop as low as 9 volts for decent lengths of time. With my particular problem, everything electrical acts funny until I get the lights to go away. My EGT jumps around, radio turns on and off with the blinker, door locks open and close. I'm making an appointment this week to have it diagnosed. I wish I had the time and tools to do it myself but with it being my DD and winter looming closer I have to get this fixed ASAP.
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Alternator is going. Prepare to get stranded :( :D
Official word from my diagnostic test is defective alternator. Had a new one installed under warranty. Picking the car up later and will let you know if that fixed it. I'm hoping this solves it cause I don't want to have to pay for a short to be hunted down.
mattgst said:
there's an auto trans temp light??
and its red and I even think it comes on with the ignition turned to on just before starting the car.

It's back. The lights are lighting dim again after the new alternator. It IS a Pep Boys alternator which, from what an electrical specific shop said were poor quality. Pep Boys charges $169 for it :confused: . So again, either it's crap part, wrong part, or short. Man I wish I could just get this fixed.
Sorry to bring this thread back to life. I'm having the same thing happen to me. Everything was running great until about an hour ago. A/T Temp Light, Brake Light and the Battery light were on. I looked at the voltmeter and the car's voltage was at 10v and bouncing up down, the RPM gauge was working and then not working, back and forth.
The alternator is hardly a month old, it had been putting out a solid 14.9 volts since I got it. I don't understand.
Sounds like the alternator again. Did you get a rebuilt or new unit? Did you change the battery with the alternator last time?

If your new unit is under warranty, take it back, do it again, and replace the battery also. Double work sucks, been there :eek:
Yes, it was the alternator. It was one of those high output alternators, I tested its output whilst the car was running on battery, the alternator was producing roughly 2 volts... that's roughly 13 less than it should be. Going to send it back, will cost me a pretty penny I'm sure. It is pretty damn heavy.
Oh well, we shall see. I have the stock, slightly fucked up, a little bent up alternator in there for now. It causes the belts to shriek like nothing else.
Could you name the altenator company?
knewblewkorvett said:
Could you name the altenator company?
So we can avoid it like the plague :chair:
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