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A/T to M/T

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Yes, there have been automatic tranny to manual conversion threads. After searching I didn't find any that dealt with a 2g GST(1999, and mine is 100% stock). So generally, what's the price to buy all the parts and have it installed? And also what parts do I need to buy, and where is the best place to look for them?
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basically the 1g threads can be said for the 2g as well, price varies between salvages, as well as mechanic shop prices as well, look to spend anywhere from 400 on up to as the sky is the limit
I'm looking for this answer too. Does anyone have any detailed answers, along with parts list/their prices, where to find them, and work it would take. Basically just what 99GSTdsm is looking for.
If you search a little you was find a list that I maded:

The work is big and long, but everybody could make it.

You need:

-GOOD Transmission
-Transmission linkage
-Shifter and support
-Shift knob
-Pedaler with clutch
-New clutch cylinder
-Linkage for the clutch cylinder to slave cylinder
-Slave cylinder
-Plessure plate
-Transmission support

That for a fwd car.

For awd car, you need to add:

-Transfer case
-Rear diff.
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will my ECU function properly when i make the change?
I thinks so. The ECU don't need to know if you run a atx or mtx tranny. It's you TCU that control the atx tranny.
so what should i do about the TCU
You could keep it in place with all the wires and connector or remove all the think depending if you think to change idea or not.
WHere's a good place to find the parts listed?
A part car is the best place to find every things you need.
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