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They say you can't go back home again, but maybe you can drive around looking for it....

Bought a '91 Laser RS back when it was new. That arresting blue, 5 speed, sunroof, oh, what a fun car that was. Few years later, used it for the getaway car at our wedding. A few MORE years pass, timing belt goes, (Chrysler paid half to fix it,) then the A/C in the car finally goes out. (Too expensive to fix with a baby on the way.) Then I spend a lot of years in a PT Cruiser, and a few in cars even lesser than that.

Here I am retired now, still thinking of that Laser, and how much fun it was to drive. One turned up on FB Marketplace the other day. G1 yes, sunroof yes, 83K on the clock, everything seems to work except the A/C of course, and it has a tuner straight pipe underneath, no cat. I can work with that. It's mine, now. :)

This is going to be my "fun car", no heavy mods, no racing. (I'll leave that to you young guys.) It's been sitting out in the sun too long, the paint is heavily failed, and there's some rust. I think for now I'm going to wrap it myself, rather than invest in paint. Of COURSE it's going to be blue.

But here's a question for yinz all. Kid I bought it from has been running it on 93 octane gas, swears up and down that 87 octane (especially the alcohol) is terrible for engines of this vintage. Now, they say that opinions are like belly buttons: everybody has one. I'm hoping to find some INFORMED opinions here. Is modern Regular gas going to immediately ruin this thing?
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