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ACT 3200 anyone use this?

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So im building what I hope to be a high HP 4g63 hybrid stroker.. The problem is im kind of stuck on what kind of clutch to use.. My engine builder called ACT and asked them what kind of applications they have for use with a 700+hp 4g63.. ACT says to him to use what John Shepherd is using if I want to have zero problems.. They told him the price and once he got done laughing at them he asked them about something a bit more in budget.. They told him to go with an ACT 3200 and a 6 puck disc.. Anyone use this and have success in a hi HP application?.. My 2600 lasted all of 1000 miles with 450whp so im kind of skeptical.. Any thoughts would be appreciated..

PS - Sheps clutch was according to them $8,000
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act is falling off in the high hp application realm. try exedy all the big dog evos use the exedy twin or triple plate clutches. i myself will be using a twin disk from them for my setup
off topic: Shepherd's clutch is a twin disc
Spyder1gdsm said:
off topic: Shepherd's clutch is a twin disc

Its a slipper clutch.. Still not too sure what it means..
for the price though id look into exedy cuz they use them on the 700whp evos. i bet you that was a custom build clutch
"act is falling off in the high hp application realm"

I would enjoy seeing some valid proof to back up this statement. ACT has been tried and true for a great length of time. I would say MOST if not all DSMers I know have this aftermarket clutch setup in their vehicle.

what i mean by that was that ACT hasnt come out with a realiable street clutch for todays high horsepower street cars namely 700whp dsms and evos that we have seen a lot of lately . yes they make good clutches and have been in the game a long time but are lacking a clutch for these higher horse power street applications. those 2600s arent going to cut it anymore. that 2900 hasnt pruven to be good enough for daily driving. thats all i was getting at. the technology is in these special material disks and multi plate clutches.
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