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ACT Flywheel / Spec V Clutch install ,stuck, quick question...

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Ok well im installing my flwheel and clutch as you can see and im to the point of removing my center member (or right member) and i have all the bolts loose and all taken out except for the one on the front (1 of the two up front) the one on the drivers side, well i was loosing it and then it started to go sideways i was like WTF, i keept going out and it strightended up but wont come out, is there a nut thats in there that could have broken off and now im just spinning? i dont know whats going on there thanks. ;)
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There is no nut, if its coming out sideways, it may be broken or the threads may be stripped. Its a long bolt.
Ok well there is NO NUT in there just tapped the whole way thew, and i just gave in and cut it off, now im going to either drill it all the way out or just run one bolt cuz im lazy, but i got the trans out and clutch and flywheel im now waiting for the new flywheel and i will put it back togther.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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