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Adjusting KYB AGX Struts

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Hey Everyone!

My DSM has the KYB AGX 8-way adjustable struts on it. I am looking for details on adjusting the struts. I know all you have to do to adjust them is get under the car and turn the dial, however, I was hoping to find something with suggested settings or something along those lines. Does anyone else have these struts or know of a good resource to get the info?

-the KYB's are only on the rear. I have Koni 4 way adjustables on the front, but I know you need a key to adjust those.


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damn yet another person from columbia...im from columbia as well, are you on any of the local boards? I usually roll around with mine on the stiff setting unless im taking a long trip down the highway. Kinda depends on your springs as well.
yea man, i am on A local board(www.dsm.turbology.com). its cool but there isnt a whole lot of activity.

i just got my DSM about a month ago so you prolly havent seen me around town. im driving a black 1st gen. the clear coat is oxidizing so the paint looks like crap.
Search>AGX Settings:

The AGX products have the following approximate damping force values.
When adjusted, both rebound and compression damping forces change.
Setting#: Relative Value
1 - Same as Factory 100
2 - Same as our GR2 products (10~15% firmer than Factory) 115
3 - 50% firmer than #2 172
4 - 30% firmer than #3 223

For an eight position adjustable product, the damping force values are approx.
the following:
With #2 being Factory at a relative value of 100,
#1 = 95 (5% softer than Factory)
#2 = 100 (Factory damping force)
#3 = 107.5 (7.5% firmer than Factory)
#4 = 115 (15% firmer than Factory)
#5 = 143.5 (43.5% firmer than Factory)
#6 = 172 (72% firmer than Factory)
#7 = 197.5 (97.5 firmer than Factory)
#8 = 223 (123 % firmer than Factory )
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Mine are set @ 2 in front and 4 in rear, same set up as you, but all you need to adjust the fronts are a small flat screw driver :) :)
Nice post Darksyne...never seen that before. :D FWIW..I roll with mine at 1 in the rear and it sure does feel damn stiff even there. Maybe it's my springs. I don't what the fronts are set at. They (adjustment thingy) seized a long time ago. :rolleyes:
wow, man. thats very helpful! thanks!

im gonna have to go play around with these since i have the day off today.

I have agx's front and rear and have them at 4 and 7...its pretty damn stiff but doesnt bother me. I'll probably put them at about 2-3 and 5 when i get some springs that arent so damn low (megan springs on it now :rolleyes: )

diambo4life said:
I don't what the fronts are set at. They (adjustment thingy) seized a long time ago. :rolleyes:
i busted the top of one, and to fix it i just broke up all the plastic shit till i got down to the adjustment rod. theres a notch on the shock body, i think thats setting 3 (?). adjust via needle nose pliers :eek:
I just got done doing a suspension upgrade on my 96 gs-t yesterday and have a question. The settings on the agx only adjust the damping force right, not hight? I put some sportlines and agx and cut the bumpstops a little all all four and now the back sits way lower then the front. On front there is about a finger and a half of clearance but the back wheel sits right next to the wheel weel. The settings for the shocks are 2 for the front and 4 on the back. Did i do some thing wrong or should i just change the settings on the shocks?
Give it a few days for everything to settle. The shocks don't control the height.
On my car 94TSI FWD I have them a 2 in front and 4 and the back on daily drivening.

At the track I up the back at 8, so the weight transfer is less
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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