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Administrators ride

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Ok, my day as a DSM owner ended on a highway one evening in 98. Since digital pics and color photograpy was not around then I dont have any pics but heres what we have now.


Vehicle make: Subaru
Vehicle model: STI
Vehicle year: 2004
Horsepower: 421.0 whp
Torque: 447
Engine type and displacement: 2.5L boxer with raised compression
ECU: Ecutek
Weight: 3200
Brakes (front): Rotora 6 piston w/14 Rotor
Brakes (rear): Rotora 4 piston w/13 Rotor
Tires: Bf goodrich kdw
Wheels: 18 BBS
Suspension: DMS coil overs, Hotchkis sway bars and strut bars, gt spec sub frame and anti lift, energy suspensio
Engine modifications: HKS gtr turbo kit, Perrin injectors and rails, Magnus intake manifold, Unorthodox racing pulleys, Fluidyne rad, CP pistons, Oliver rods, teflon timing belt
Interior modifications: Racaro seats, Sparco 4 point harness, Defi gauges, AEM wideband, Rally spec harness bar, K40 Radar detector/jammer
Exterior modifications: Chargespeed body kit, VIS carbon fibre hood
Drivetrain: Drive shop shaft axles and driveshafts, Exidy clutch, Unorthodox racing flywheel
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god danm thats a bad ass wrex. shit man atleast you did it right
Very clean and very simple....
"Mikey, he likes, it he likes it!":D
Administrator decides to come down from his mighty throne on top of mount Olympus to grace us with his presence!

Looks sweet, Rock on!
Trator! :banhim:

jk... nice car. But why a freakin STi?
Beautiful! My girlfriend is into wrx's and she loved the pic when I showed her.
WOWOWOWIE...thats sickness dude...nice ride totally owns mine hehe
Very nice example of a STI. I love how subtle the exterior mods are. Love it. Any track times on it yet?
Oh no! Administrator is from Canada!
Me+Canada = Skyline

What are you doing for fuel management?
very sweet, you made a good choice with the sti over the dsm its clean.. REAL CLEAN
I wonder if any of the sti boards' moderator(s) own evo's?

This is funny as fuck. Thats an awesome car though. It looks much better than stock.
We have an administrator? For real? Nice ride man.
teh messiah hath finally arrived..:p

Administrator said:
Brakes (front): Rotora 6 piston w/14 Rotor
Brakes (rear): Rotora 4 piston w/13 Rotor

Lookin' good! :tree:
Why didn't you get an EVO? Car looks good though.
Nice lookin ride man.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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